108 pages to inspire, nourish and transform your relationship with food, your creativity in the kitchen and your ability to cook 25 of the most simple, basic nourishing wholesome recipes – for life! 

This book is much more than a recipe book – it’s a resource of education, inspiration and nourishment. 

Be empowered, confident & creative in the Kitchen! 

This book is a practical guide to living in balance and in harmony with your true nature, based on the wise science & art of Ayurvedic Medicine, organic whole food nutrition & my own life experience of  practically applying this way of wholesome nourished living with ease.

What’s inside

  • An introduction to Ayurveda, wholefoods & intuitive eating

  • Daily routines to enrich your lifestyle

  • A simple, easy-peasy formula for cooking with healing spices

  • Plus 25 foundational, easy to digest plant-based, wholesome recipes to inspire your taste buds and nourish your creativity

A nourishing bowl of Sunshine Vegie Soup ~ one of the Simple Healing & Delicious recipes inside the E-Book!

And… a whole lot of  love between each page!

These staple recipes will nourish you, inspire you, and be a foundation for your cooking legacy.

Connect with your body, explore new healing tastes and be intuitive in the kitchen!  

(Instant digital download. Take your ebook with you on your ipad, phone or laptop for easy access wherever you are! *Make sure to check your spam folder if it doesn’t show up instantly.) 

This book is really MUCH more than a recipe book – It’s a lifestyle guide to intuitive eating!

From my wholesome kitchen to yours… welcome to a world of Simple Ayurveda in the Kitchen!

“I’ve been cooking with Lorien’s recipes for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them. Her approach to food is inspiring – everything she makes seems to be simple, nourishing and delicious all at once. She has become my go-to anytime I feel the need to refocus on my health. Her bliss balls basically changed my life. Enough said.”

Shanti Des Fours

Eco fashion blogger & yoga teacher

I love your E-book Lorien! It really motivates, inspires and reminds me to always listen to my body and choose foods that help me live a balanced, healthy and harmonious life. Thank you!

Carol Rice

Adelaide Australia

I have to say that I FINALLY purchased your e-book, and gosh, I am SO moved by looking through it all. So darn proud of all you have accomplished. It is seriously the most beautiful, heart felt ebook I’ve ever seen. Tears welling in my eyes literally.

Amy Landry

Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Consultant

Lorien is an uplifting, nurturing and inspiring presence in my life. She is truly wise beyond her years. Coupled with her dedicated studies, her intuitive understanding of Ayurveda makes her a go-to consultant when it comes to eating well, digestion, women’s health and, perhaps most importantly, tasty whole food recipes. Her veggie subji and pumpkin and moong bean stew recipes have become weekly staples, and I always look forward to nourishing myself with her beautiful Ayurvedic comfort food.

Natalie Shakur

Writer & Yogini

Lorien has abundant knowledge and excitement for food, nourishment, living a life you love and achieving balance! Her joy for life permeates all she does. Any time with her can significantly shift the way you view food. She lives the path she preaches with the upmost integrity, radiates health and positive possibility and really is a shining example of wholesome loving goodness. I highly recommend bringing a bit of Lorien into your kitchen!

Vira Higgins

Mother of Two, Artist & Steiner Teacher

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