A 6-week online Food & Lifestyle Transformation Program to nourish your spirit, inspire your tastebuds and bring balance and deeper connection into your everyday life ~ for life!

Live a life of eating food that NOURISHES your beautiful body!

One of the most sacred, yet often underestimated things we do in our lives each day is EAT.

It’s someththing the majority of us do daily ~ multiple times a day, and since eating is such a key part of our lives ~ it is one of the best places to start when wanting to transform your health, digestion and life!        

…I believe great shifts in our body, mind and world don’t just happen overnight ~ they happen one bite at a time!!!  

The little things we do each day make THE biggest difference.



“I now have more energy, peace and calm within myself during and since the program and the quality of my sleep has improved too!”

Julie Barfoot

2019 SAIYK Participant


Say goodbye to food confusion, unlock the power of your own vital inner energy, finally learn how to tap into your own intuitive wisdom, confidence and creativity in the kitchen and most of all – live a truly delicious life in a body you love!


I’ve created this program for anyone who has:

  • Struggled to find the time, knowledge or inspiration to cook wholesome, creative & nourishing healthy food for yourself or your family!
  • Felt unsure, overwhelmed or that it is simply too hard to integrate Ayurveda’s philosophy and practices into your everyday modern life! …Where to even begin! 
  • Felt stuck, unsuccessful or alone in implementing the healthy and wholesome food and lifestyle habits you know to do!
  •             Struggled to give up addiction to sugar, processed foods and stimulants: coffee + chocolate! 
  • Wished they had a go-to-wholesome friend in the Kitchen to help successfully guide them through the maze of conflicting diet trends, eating approaches and food + lifestyle information that’s out there! (…Now you do!!)  

This program is also a perfect next step for those of you who have read my 


E-book and want more!!


What we will be covering over the next 6 weeks: 


Module 1:


A brief introduction to Ayurveda and how to implement this ancient healing science into your everyday modern life. 


Understanding your digestive fire and how to practically optimise your food, cooking and eating habits to support your holistic health and balance. 


 Module 2:


How to successfully implement Ayurvedic lifestyle habits to nourish your bodies tissues, support a healthy nervous system and minimise the impact of stress.


How to shop and set up a well-equipped Wholesome kitchen.


Module 3:


How to cook delicious Ayurvedic meals from scratch using healing spices and wholefood ingredients.


Introduction to food energetics and how this relates to creating delicious and wholesome nourishing meals that are simple to prepare and that feel good in your body. 


Module 4:


Time saving meal preparation tips and creative and wholesome Ayurvedic recipes and meal ideas to inspire fresh tastes in your kitchen.


Developing a loving relationship with your self. Nourishment as an act of self-love. 


Module 5:


Module 6:


Bonus goodness!


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Weekly PDF’s


 Live weekly coaching calls


E-book PDF with all recipes



The focus of the program is less on ‘just providing you with information’ (as there’s lots of that out there already!), and more on empowering, guiding and supporting you to successfully implement the essential key elements of Ayurvedic living (food + lifestyle + cooking ) into your everyday life, your kitchen and also your self-care routine and habits in a SIMPLE, fun and easy-to-digest way! 


This will be a truly wholesomenourishing and delicious journey of a lifetime (and even better, you can do it from the comfort of your own home/kitchen as it is delivered fully online!)


I cannot wait to take you on this wholesome, yummy and feel-good journey with me when the next program starts November 5th! 

What successful graduates of the program have to say… 


“One of the biggest results I got out of the program is I now eat way less sugar, and not only that, I am now no longer craving it. My taste buds have changed, I’m more aware of how different foods make me feel and I’ve started trying new foods that in the past I thought I didn’t like, and now all of a sudden, I like them! …Since the program I am not just making better choices because I know I ‘should’, I’m naturally making them because I’m inspired to do so!”  

~ Kalindi Starick, 2019 participant.



“I now make much more informed, wholesome choices when it comes to the way I nourish myself and my family. I am a busy mum of 3 and student, and was hesitant to join at first as I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it properly or keep up. Time ended up not being a factor as the course was available for me to access whenever I want, and I could listen to the videos and chats whenever I wanted to, to fit in with my busy schedule. I am so so pleased I joined! This is such a great program!” 

~ Heidi, Busy Mum of 3 and student, Melbourne Australia.



“Since doing the ‘Simple Ayurveda in Your Kitchen’ program, I am more grounded, less agitated have noticed that I’m more peaceful and effective at work, am less stressed, have a new spiritual/mindfulness practice that I’ve always wanted to deepen, love cooking again AND feel so much more confident in the kitchen. I’m now making food I never imagined I could make!!” 

~Cathleen Wingkee, Bangkok Thailand.  



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